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1/10 Sprint Car Racing Class

1/10 Sprint Car Racing Class
Category: RC Racing
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Synopsis: General description and rules for the 1/10 Custom Works Sprint Car racing class at Hobby Central Pensacola

The 1/10 Sprint Car is a very popular racing class that is raced at Hobby Central Pensacola. The intent of this class is to keep the racing as close and competitive as possible. This is an electric oval class.


1. Custom Works 1/10 Sprint Car Chassis. Transmission chassis, no direct drive.

2. Trinity Monster Locked 13.5t spec motor only.

3. Duratrax Banditos tires either C2 or C3 compound.

4. Non timing or Blinky ESC

5. Open gearing

6. 5000 or less 2S battery lipo

7. Box stock shocks with the exception of springs and oil

8. Custom Works wing - front wing optional

9. No mods or after market parts without the approval of the race director.

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