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  1. vote For Pan Car motor rules

    I have have made a decision on the motors allowed at Hobby Central and posted it in the forums. This won't please everyone, but it will please the majority of racers. These rules can be modified at the discretion of Hobby Central - just like any other rule.

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    Thinking about this I remembered that we had addressed this 2 years ago in our forums in . The thread is still there. We agreed to allow the D3.5. Racing at Hobby Central will allow non ROAR motors
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  2. Keeping Racing Going

    Almost anyone can create an RC race program. I say almost anyone, because it does require you to have a large enough space and some money to pay for a lap timing system etc.. Usually it requires that the land be leased and commercial liability insurance being taken out. The initial costs can easily exceed $10,000 and that's before you even hold a race. So you find the place and scrape the cash to get started, that is the easiest part of having an RC race program.

    The two hardest ...
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