Keeping Racing Going

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Almost anyone can create an RC race program. I say almost anyone, because it does require you to have a large enough space and some money to pay for a lap timing system etc.. Usually it requires that the land be leased and commercial liability insurance being taken out. The initial costs can easily exceed $10,000 and that's before you even hold a race. So you find the place and scrape the cash to get started, that is the easiest part of having an RC race program.

The two hardest parts of having a viable race program are:

  1. Attracting enough racers to create a class to race in.
  2. Keeping the racers coming back so that you have an enjoyable venue.

Most tracks have difficulty overcoming these two obstacles and most race programs never reach their 2nd or 3rd anniversary. We have had the fortunate experience of both attracting a lot of racers and for the most part keeping up a pretty good race venue.

We've made our program work by focusing on what works best for club racing and not trying to accommodate every type of racing. We also have been very lucky in having a lot of customers/racers that have not only participated in our racing but have helped develop it. We have an attendance at our races that most tracks would be envious of.

We have a great program that most racers enjoy. Let's keep it going by not getting bogged down in the minutia. Keep it fun, keep it safe.

Thanks for all your support
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