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Hobby Central 2017 Slushball Derby

Hobby Central 2017 Slushball Derby
Category: RC Racing
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Synopsis: RC Winter Point Series 2017, hosted by Hobby Central, Pensacola tel 8504719800
Hobby Central is proud to announce our 2017 Slushball Derby Winter points series. Come join the fun and experience the fastest rc racing in the panhandle. Seven classes to choose from: 1. Formula One - 1/10 F1 car, rubber tires, 25.5 brushless, 2s lipo. 2. Electric Touring - 1/10 4wd touring car, 17.5t brushless, 2s lipo, rubber tires, touring car body, non-timing or blinky mode esc. 3. Tamiya Mini - Tamiya mini, tamiya hopups, tamiya rubber tires, 2s round lipo, Tamiya Johnson motor, Tamiya body. 4. Outlaw - 2wd Stadium truck, ST or Outlaw body, 10.5t brushless, non-timing or blinky esc, rubber tires. 5. Vintage - 2wd 1/10 buggy body, 13.5t brushless, rubber tires, Mcallister or RJ Speed legend body, 2s lipo, non-timing or blinky esc. 6. VTA - 4wd touring chassis, 25.5t ROAR motor, USVTA approved body. HPI or Protoform VTA tires. WE USE USVTA RULES. 7. SCLM - 1/10 SCT, rubber tires, 8.5t brushless, non-timing or blinky esc, 2s lipo, SCLM body. 8. SLM - 4wd 1/10 touring chassis, 10.5t brushless, rubber tires, 2s lipo, McAllister SLM body. 9. Brushed Slash - 1/10 Slash, 12t Titan brushed, 6 or 7 cell nimh, stock rubber tires, no mods other than lowering the chassis. No LCG chassis. Different shock oil ok, - will provide more details soon. Seven races total, 2 racers per month November - Janurary and 1 race in February. One throw out per racer.

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