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Outlaw ST Truck Class

Outlaw ST Truck Class
Category: RC Racing
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Synopsis: The rules for the 1/10 Outlaw Stadium Truck class.

The Outlaw  class is an oval racing class that is fun for both expert racers and beginners alike. The cars are two wheel drive electric Stadium Trucks.  The rules require a 1/10 scale 2wd transmission Stadium Truck chassis and so a lot of racers use 1/10 Associated T4.2 and T5M trucks. The class is fast enough to be fun and yet not so fast that it is intimidating for beginners. The basic rules are:

1. 2wd 1/10 electric Stadium truck with transmission - NO direct drive vehicles such as Pan Cars. Vehicles used must be originally 1/10 buggys. Must maintain Stadium Truck geometry.

2. 10.5t brushless motor.

3. 2 cell lipo (7.4v) battery, no capacity limits.

4.Any 1/10 Stadium Truck or Mcallister Outlaw ST body.

5. Rubber tires on 1/10 ST rims

6. Personal transponder required.

7. In the spirit of keeping this class fun and competitive we will be instituting a motor buy out in 2016. Anyone racer that races in the main can purchase the motor used by the 1st place car for $110. This is intended to discourage the use of custom built motors etc.. Any racer refusing to sell their motor when challenged will be disallowed from racing in any class at Hobby Central All rules are subject to change are at the sole discretion of the Race Director or Hobby Central

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