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RC266 Polycarb Metallic Green

RC266 Polycarb Metallic Green


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This is a 3 oz Spray Can of Pactra Polycarbonate
Metallic Green Colored Paint.

FEATURES: Used on the underside of clear Lexan radio controlled model bodies.
Paint chemically bonds to Lexan and polycarbonate, making it
extremely resistant to cracking, chipping and impact damage.
Easy to hold spray can.
Contains no lead or CFCs.

INCLUDES: One 3 oz Spray Can of Polycarbonate Metallic Green Colored Paint

REQUIRES: Eye, skin and lung protection.
RC Lacquer Thinner for clean-up.

SPECS: NET Fluid Ounce: 3 (85g)
Does not exceed 95% VOC by weight.

COMMENTS: Caution: Contains Ketones and liquefied petroleum propellant.
Flammable liquid and vapor.
Keep out of the reach of children. Recommended for ages 8 and over.
Avoid eye contact, skin contact or prolonged breathing of vapors,
best to use in a well-ventilated area. Inhaling contents is
harmful to respiratory tract and nervous system.
Product has chemical known to cause birth defects and other
reproductive harm in the state of California.
Shake can vigorously before using, reshake often and use at room
temperature (70 degrees F).
For best desired results, test product first on a scrap piece. Spray
with even strokes and do not stop painting in the middle. Hold
the can 10" to 12" from work.
To clear valve after use, invert can and spray several seconds, if
nozzle clogs, clean with thinner.
To remove unwanted overspray, wipe with 1:1 ratio of RC Thinner to
rubbing alcohol.
Some Pearl, Metallic, and Candy colors are semi-transparent. For
extra brilliance, overcoat (or back) them with Silver or Gold.
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